Harpy AO(Animation override)

Harpy AO
Harpy AO

Sale 1000L $, up to 2016/8/31.
  It sells in the main shop and Origami event.

This item was made for the avatar of the arm portion wing.
There are some anime that does not fix the head and neck.
You can use as soon as the purchase because the HUD are bundled.

※Wings are NOT included in the product. This is the sale of only animation and AO HUD.

Harpy AO (Full set)

Permission=Mod Copy OK
DDD_Harpy AO_anime Box /(Full anime in )
DDD_Harpy AO manual /(notecard)
DDD_Harpy AO Pop /(Texture)

DDD_Harpy AO_ZHAO-II MB2.0.19 /(AO HUD)
DDD_Harpy AO_SimpleAO HUD2.2 /(AO HUD)

Anime list

DDD_Harpy AO_Fly&Run(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_Hover(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_FlyDown&Fall(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_FlyUp(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_Stand01(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_Stand02(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_Stand03(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_Stand04(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_Stand05(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_Stand06(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_Stand07(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_Stand08(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_Work(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_TurnR(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_TurnL(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_GroundSit_F150(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_GroundSit_F170(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_GroundSit_F180(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_GroundSit_F200(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_GroundSit_M150(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_GroundSit_M170(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_GroundSit_M180(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_GroundSit_M200(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_ObjectSit(P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_ObjectSit(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_StandUp(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_Crouching((P3)
DDD_Harpy AO_Crouching((P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_Prejump_ZHAO(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_Jump_ZHAO(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_Landing_ZHAO(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_!Prejump_LSL(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_!Jump_LSL(P4)
DDD_Harpy AO_!Landing_LSL(P4)


◆ animation priority ◆

At the end of the product name (P3) and (P4) represents the priority of the animation.
If you have multiple play the animation at the same time, a larger number will be animation on a priority basis.

◆ Ground Sit ◆

"GroundSit" has four types available for each height of the avatar.
The end of the numbers of the name represents the height,"DDD_Harpy AO_GroundSit_M150 (P4)" is means that 150cm. Please distinguish according to their height.
In addition, the optimum height will also change depending on the setting of Hover of shape.

◆ the jump animation type ◆

Jump anime relationship offers two types of animation.
Please change the animation by HUD.

+++ Ordinary use +++
This animation is for general AO HUD, such as ZHAO.
Please basically use this anime.
----General use animation list----

  • DDD_Harpy AO_Prejump_ZHAO(P4)
  • DDD_Harpy AO_Jump_ZHAO(P4)
  • DDD_Harpy AO_Landing_ZHAO(P4)

+++ For server-side AO system +++
Anime for AO HUD using the Server-side AO system (llSetAnimationOverride). Replace the basics of AO of SL.
HUD is almost not now using the Server-side AO system, but I made this animation for the future.
(When used in the jump animation of Ordinary use as "Server-side AO" does not go well)
Since DownDownDown made a simple HUD using the Server-side AO system, it has bundled it to the commodity. However, it can not be used more than one of the anime.
----Server-side AO HUD for anime list----

  • DDD_Harpy AO_!Prejump_LSL(P4)
  • DDD_Harpy AO_!Jump_LSL(P4)
  • DDD_Harpy AO_!Landing_LSL(P4)

Harpy AO(DownDownDown)


ORIGAMI start!

This item has been pre-sale in the ORIGAMI event.

Backpack chest

Price=380L$ 330L$ (Pre-sale & 50L$ OFF)
Permission=Mod Copy OK
 Body 4prim ,  5Landimpact 
 ShoulderStraps 1prim ,  4Landimpact 
 ShoulderStraps(no rig) 3prim ,  2Landimpact 
Script=Yes(texture change ~ Control by the description field )
Mesh=Yes,Use rigged (ShoulderStraps)
DDD_Backpack chest_Body/(chest)
DDD_Backpack chest_ShoulderStraps/(fitted mesh )
DDD_Backpack chest_ShoulderStraps(No Rig)/(chest)
DDD_Backpack chest_description/(texture)
DDD_Backpack chest_manual/(note card)

ORIGAMI (Shopping event) 2016/7/15~9/10
UBUME(Japanese horror event)2016/8/11~9/10
※Admission limited by the value of the script starts from August. ORIGAMI also subject.
Start point
Origami Flicker group
UBUME Flicker group

  • Body “6Color ”× “7 character pattern” 
  • Metal 8 type
  • Rope 10 type
  • Flag  10 type
  • Sphere 2 type
  • Lamp On 3type /   Off 1type
  • ShoulderStraps 8 type

Since the shoulder straps is hard to the touch,
 and then display the dialog menu with "right-click on the shoulder straps> Touch".