Rough rope Snood @ Japonica

Rough rope Snood 
Price= 410L$ → 340L$ (Pre-sale & 17% OFF)
Permission=Mod Copy OK
Prim=  2 prim , 3Landimpact
Script=Yes(texture change ~ Control by the description field )
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_Rough rope Snood /(Spine)
DDD_Rough rope Snood(mirror) /(Spine)※
DDD_Rough rope Snood_POP/(texture)
DDD_Rough rope Snood_Info/(note card)

※A symmetrical version is also included.


Piriod:2016/12/26(MON)0:00(JPT) ~ 2017/ 1/9(MON)24:00(JPT)
Slirl : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BAROQUED/99/32/1001
Web : http://baroquedevent.wixsite.com/japonica


Black fried shrimp(gift)

Please accept the gift at the main shop.
There is no receiving deadline for this gift.
DownDownDown main shop

  • DDD_Black fried shrimp_mini
  • DDD_Black fried shrimp_big
  • DDD_Black fried fly shrimp(Wear me)

"Black fried fly shrimp" has a posing for wearing.


Come to received a candy

Come to received a candy!

10/30 AM 8:00   - 10/31 AM 7:59 (SLT)

How to receive the item

  1. Stand in front of the active door
  2. The next to the door of the sales booth to knock (touch).
  3. Fill in the "trick or treat" in the dialog.
  4. Get items

※Enter into the movie theater. In the cave, there there is a sit point.
Please sit down in it, and teleport to the event venue.


Halloween Gift

Until 2016/10/31

DownDownDown has prepared a Halloween gift. It is a balloon of pumpkin.
Each of two locations there are different colors of balloons.

Pumpkin of Panic in Okinawa


Halloween section

It has set up a Halloween section to the main shop!
DownDownDown Main shop

"HW Big lollipop" are sold here.


Halloween Gacha is sold only in October.

Halloween sweets4  Gacha
Halloween sweets3  Gacha

Halloween sweets2  Gacha
Halloween sweets  Gacha


Halloween Devil set


Pumpkin(sculp prim)
Pumpkin jackolantern

HW Big lollipop (gacha)

HW Big lollipop Gacha
Price=1 play 40L$
Permission=Mod Trans OK
Script=Yes(pose script 3pose☓Hand only ☓ full body)
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
content= All 19 kinds.  It attaches to the hand.
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Face(Orange)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Face(Mint)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Face(Black)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Vortex(Orage)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Vortex(Mint)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Vortex(Night)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Vortex(Black)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_MeltFace(Orange)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_MeltFace(Purple)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_MeltFace(Mint)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Eye(Orange)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Eye(Purple)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Orb(Orange)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Orb(Pink)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Orb(Mint)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Pumpkin(Red)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Pumpkin(Green)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Pumpkin(Orange)
  • DDD_HW Big lollipop_Lizard

This item has been sold in Gacha format .(Per one play, you get one item at random.)
There is no rare or secret this Gacha.
This item is sold only in October.

It is being sold at the following locations.


Pumpkin of Panic 2016 in Okinawa

TOT hut Prize
New item(Gacha)

Pumpkin of Panic in Okinawa
Shopping. & Advent calendar event. & Photo contest.
※DownDownDown booth is located at the top of the village.

●For more information on the photo contest please get from the event poster. (There is also a shop of DownDownDown)

●Trick or Treat hunt(ToT hunt)
"Trick or Treat hunt"(ToT hunt) is Advent calendar-style event.
You can get an item in the daily changing.
Per one of the shops, it will be active only for 24 hours of-determined date.
This event should be a caution because Japan time reference (JST).
If you forget got the item, after the appropriate day you can buy in the 50L $.

  10/3 (JST) → 10/2 AM 8:00   - 10/3 AM 7:59 (SLT)

How to receive the item

  1. Stand in front of the active door
  2. The next to the door of the sales booth to knock (touch).
  3. Fill in the "trick or trea" in the dialog.
  4. Get items

DownDownDown the second half


Metal Lantern fixd bag

"Metal Lantern" has been updated with the mistakes of the script. The latest version is "DDD_Metal Lantern (L) 1.1".

Already to an earlier version of the purchaser has been sent a new item from Tuki Loon. Those of CCB bloggers please receive a new version of the item from the blow guard room.
I am so sorry to trouble you. 

2016/Aug/24 Var.1.1
  • Fixed a bug, "Light / Color" is not reflected when the user has changed the texture of the Lamp.
  • Light source has been added the "Light / Mid" in the menu.


Metal Lantern (CCB7)

Metal Lantern

Price=280L$ → 196L$ (Pre-sale & 30% OFF)
Permission=Mod Copy OK
Prim= 7prim ,  17Landimpact.
Script=Yes(texture change ~ Control by the description field )
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_Metal Lantern(L)1.1/(L hand)
DDD_Metal Lantern(R)1.1/(R hand)
DDD_Metal Lantern_ manual /(notecard)
DDD_Metal Lantern_description /(texture)


all item 20%~50% off!
2016/8/20 ~ 2016/9/20(SLT)
Web : http://www.sl-ccb.com/
Flickr : https://www.flickr.com/groups/ccb-sl/pool
slurl : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monkey%20Banana/203/184/1823

■Metal Lantern_ _manual ■

You can change the texture by touching the "Metal Lantern".
The script of this product has a management with the name of the "Description" of the object. Script will work if you add the prim or unlink the item.

  •  Refer to the "Metal Lantern_description" To check the position of the description. 
  •  Please do not change the "description" of the product. Please re-enter Correct description if you happen to change by mistake. Please be careful as space key does not enter into the description field.
  •  Set as main prim, the prim containing the script. 
  • Note applies to all prims is "DDD_Metal Lantern_Handle" the Description field if you want to change the texture of the " Handle " for example. 

■Name list of the Description field■

DDD_Metal Lantern_MetalA
DDD_Metal Lantern_MetalB
DDD_Metal Lantern_Handle
DDD_Metal Lantern_Rope
DDD_Metal Lantern_Ribbon
DDD_Metal Lantern_Lamp
DDD_Metal Lantern_Stone