Hanging light bulb

Hanging light bulb

Price= 205L$
Permission=Mod Copy OK
Single 1Li 2prim
  (X0.14 m Y 0.15m Z 2.13m )
Triple 2Li 2prim
  (X2.00 m Y 0.15m Z 2.13m )
Quartet 3Li 2prim
  (X2.00 m Y 0.15m Z 2.13m )
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_Hanging light bulb_Single / (For REZ)
DDD_Hanging light bulb_Triple / (For REZ)
DDD_Hanging light bulb_Quartet / (For REZ)
DDD_Hanging light bulb_info / (texture)
DDD_Hanging light bulb manual /(notecard)
Hanging light bulb_info

※It is not possible to decomposition

■Hanging light bulb manual ■

You can change the settings of the texture and light by touching the item.

description of each menu

Lighting switching of light
  "ON all" Turn on the light
  "ON tex" Lighting the light, the light source is not used.
  "OFF"   Turn off the light

Configuration changes of the light source
  "Light intensity" The strength of the light source
  "Light Range"   The reach of the light source
  "Glow Level"    Glow of the strength of the light bulb

Change of texture
  "Texture Metal" Texture change of the metal part
  "Texture Fi"    Texture change of the filament part
  "Texture Bulb"  Decoration change of light bulb
  "Full Bright"    Switching of Fulbright bulbs


This feature allows you to change the range of people that can be put out the dialog.
  • [Owner] Only an owner can use a dialog. 
  • [Everyone] All of the people I will be able to issue a dialog. 
  • [Group] Those who activate the same group tag as the owner of an object and the group of this object can use a dialog. 
Change of a group can be performed from the General tab of Build tool.

White & Gold

Wooden cube 0.5m*0.5m0.5m

Hanging light bulb_Triple

Hanging light bulb_Quartet

Decoration / Simple 


market place miss(Melting umbrella)

Setting mistake in the marketplace was discovered the other day.
It is "DDD_Dyed blue puddle" of the Market Place there was a problem.
POP is "Melting umbrella", but the content and descriptions had become "DDD_Dyed blue puddle". Items that are sold in the shop does not have a problem.

We refund the difference by sending a "Melting umbrella" to those who had purchased. To send the item is the avatar named "Tuki Loon"

It will apply to users who have bought an item named "DDD_Dyed blue puddle" in the market place until August 30, 2015. We have finished the sending of items to the current all.

If the item is not received application person, please contact the "TukiLoon".