Main shop shortly move

The current main shop of DownDownDown to close in July 22 (be maybe planbecomes earlier).
Until the new store is completed, it will be operating in the temporary store.

DownDownDown temporary store


Haunted balloon Gacha

Haunted balloon Gacha

Price= 1Play40 L$
Permission=Mod Trans OK
Prim=1 ~ 4 Landimpact
Mesh=Yes,Yes rigged
List=all 14 kinds. Right hand attach fixed.
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Tongue)_Red
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Tongue)_Blue
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Kappa)
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Oval Coin)
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Spider lily)_Red
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Spider lily)_White
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Eyes)_Green
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Eyes)_Purple
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Eyes)_R&B
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Foot)
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Ittan-momen)_B
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Ittan-momen)_R
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Ittan-momen)_W
  • DDD_Haunted balloon(Goldfish)

※This product is Rigged mesh.
You can not change the attachment position and the size of this product.

The balloons will follow the movement of the head and arm.

REZ is such form

ORIGAMI -Summer Event- Start!

ORIGAMI is the event of the Mall and games (with prizes).
Mall is lined with stalls of Japan festival.

ORIGAMI -Summer Event-

Game7/10 0:00(SLT)Start!
Slurl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heiankyo/65/22/24
DDD Booth http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heiankyo/51/103/25
Blog http://origamiivent.blogspot.jp/
Flickr  https://www.flickr.com/groups/2794855@N21/pool

※The following period will be renovated. It is not possible to enter the sim.
sim closure:7/31 0:00~8/1 0:00(SLT)

Haunted balloonGacha

1Play 40L$ 
More info Here

Haunted balloon(ORIGAMI)(Prize)

Permission=Mod Copy OK
Prim= 3 prim ,2 Landimpact
DDD_Haunted balloon(ORIGAMI)1.1(Left hand)

ORIGAMI Game prize

Prize exchange machine

The game is attached to HAD, collect oval coin.
You can get prizes by touching the object of the following image.
Prize exchange machines are located in each sales booth of the mall.

Gacha and the prize of the balloon at the same time can be attached. Since it has position is different. Gacha balloon is all right hand attached, so it is impossible to have at the same time.

Prize balloon