Easel (Copy Ver.)

Easel(Woody set/Color set/Polka dot set)

Price=woody set 180L$/Polka dot set,Color set 190L$L$
Permission=Mod Copy OK 
Prim=A,B 3prim 2 landimpact /A(panel) 4prim 2 landimpact
Script=Yes(texture change)
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_ Easel_A
DDD_ Easel_A(panel)
DDD_ Easel_B

Easel_Name plate template (texture)
Easel_Name plate template(Flat)(texture)
Easel_Name plate template(white base)(texture)

The description of Easel(notecard)
The description of Easel(jp)(notecard)

The texture of a metal-fittings portion and a panel is common to all the sets. 

Refer to the following pages for detailed explanation of goods. 

The texture list of wooden portions 

Woody set 6 kinds/Color set & Polka dot set 8kinds
It becomes large by picture click. 
The texture list of woody sets 

The texture list of polka dot sets
The texture list of color sets  

The texture list of metal portions 

It becomes large by picture click. 

The texture list of panel portions 

It becomes large by picture click.  

size & landimpact

A cube is 0.5mx0.5mx0.5m. 

Small easel is standard size. 

Large easel is the greatest size settled within 2 landimpact. 

Description of Easel(Mod & Copy ver.)

The description of Easel(Mod & Copy ver.) 

Please touch prim who wants to change a texture.

This item has managed the script by the prim name.
If a prim name is changed, a script will not move.

When the prim name has been changed. Please return a prim name to the original name. A script moves again.

Even if it adds prim m to this product, a script moves.
In that case, please make prim containing a script mainly prim.

Prim name list

It is the same name except a wooden part.
This list is a list of Mod & Copy ver.

The list of Mod & Trans ver. which sold by TGGS is here.

[Woody Part]

==Easel_Woody set==
DDD_ Easel_Woody_A
DDD_ Easel_Woody_A(panel)
DDD_ Easel_Woody_B

==Easel_ Polka dot set==
DDD_ Easel_Polka dot_A
DDD_ Easel_Polka dot_A(panel)
DDD_ Easel_Polka dot_B

==Easel_ Color set==
DDD_ Easel_Color_A
DDD_ Easel_Color_A(panel)
DDD_ Easel_Color_B

[Metal Part]

DDD_ Easel_Metal

[Name plate Part]
DDD_ Easel_Name plate

[Panel Part]
DDD_ Easel_Pane

Edit of a nameplate

A title etc. can be put into a nameplate.(It is not a script. )
Please upload and stick a texture on a nameplate.
The ratio of a texture is 1024*256 or 512*128 or 246*62.

Please use an attached template texture.
When preservation cannot do a penetration texture, please carry out download from url currently written on the note card .

*The use guide of an attached texture.
Please use this texture only for this product.
Don't sell to other persons or don't use it for making your goods.


Plant bracelet(trans)(Permission for TGGS)

Plant bracelet
Price=165L$ 130L$
Permission=Mod Trans OK 
Prim=R 3prim 8 landimpact /L 3prim 9 landimpact
Script=Yes(texture change)
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_Plant bracelet_R(t)(R Forearm)
DDD_Plant bracelet_L(t)(L Forearm)
DDD_Plant bracelet_description(t)(Texture)
The Gallery Gift Shop Precedence sales & price reduction .
Sale at the TGGS hall is Mod & Trans".
The Gallery Gift Shop
2013/9/17 ~ 10/14