Halloween sweets 3 Gacha

Halloween sweets 3 Gacha
Price=1 play 13L$
Permission=Mod Trans OK
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
content= Seven kinds 
DDD_HWs3_Cat jelly(Berry)
DDD_HWs3_Cat jelly(Mousse)
DDD_HWs3_Cream puff
DDD_HWs3_MontBlanc Cake
DDD_HWs3Lizard chocolate

This product is using the mesh.
There is no secret in this product. 
It sells till the middle of November. 


Flowerpot pumpkin

Flowerpot pumpkin
Permission=Mod Copy OK
Prim= 2 prim,1 landimpact 
Script=Yes(texture change)
DDD_ Flowerpot pumpkin
DDD_Flowerpot pumpkin_info

Texture can be changed by touch. 
The color of the surface of a pumpkin .(6 kinds )
The color of the  grass and  inside of a pumpkin (separation is impossible) .
(3 kinds )

Woody cube is 0.5m*0.5m*0.5m


Electrocardiogram Bracelet(trans)(Permission for TGGS)

Electrocardiogram Bracelet(trans)
Price=135100L$ (TGGS price)
Permission=Mod Trans OK
Prim= 4prim  16landimpact
Script=Yes(Scroll on/off.Cord full bright on/off )
Mesh=Yes,No rigged
DDD_Electrocardiogram Bracelet(t) (L Forearm)
DDD_Electrocardiogram Bracelet_description

It is a bracelet of a cyber-wind.
The light of a place like an electrocardiogram flows.
The stop of the light which scrolls by touch, and the change of scrolling can be performed.
And on and off of Fulbright of a code can be changed by touch.

The Gallery Gift Shop Precedence sales & price reduction .
Sale at the TGGS hall is Mod & Trans".


Mechanical broom(Fly)(Prize)

Mechanical broom(Fly)
Mechanical broom(Fly)

Halloween in RMK Gothic started. 
RMK GothicSIM is the decoration of Halloween now. 
A premium can be got if Qwest is cleared. 
The prize from DownDownDown is a broom of mechanical magic. 
Two kinds, the type which flies in the sky, and the type which it has in a hand. 

Since it will be getting carsick if the type which flies in the sky is carried out lightly for a long time, it is careful! 
I also got motion sickness …(@_@)

Halloween in RMK Gothic
期間 2012/10/1〜10/31
Starting point

Ivent Q & A

Please touch the big book near TP, and accept, equip with and advance HUD etc. 

A new product is also sold!