Waffle fox hunt started

DDD_Foxing waffle [WFH]Prize
It looks for waffle of this.
Waffle fox hunt started.
A thing of waffle and a strange thing can very be gotten in this hunt. 
Foxing waffle is put out from DownDownDown.

Waffle fox hunt
Starting point:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Froien/24/24/534
Official Blog: http://wafflefox.blogspot.com/
Official Group: secondlife:///app/group/a116d27b-903a-aefe-3233-c7a738e8aa66/about


group & gift

DownDownDown group

The group of DownDwonDown was made.
We will inform you of the new item and the event in the group.

It is planned to inform only the group member of sale information on the new item.

Glass tub posestand(groupe gift)

The group making commemoration gift has been distributed in the main shop until July 31.
It is posed stand in the glass tub. Please keep activate and receive the group tag.

main shop

DownDownDown group


mail box


Mail box(color,Rusty)
Permission=Mod Copy OK(Script copy only)
(color set)
Mail box_Blue
Mail box_Green
Mail box_Olive
Mail box_Pink
Mail box_Purple
Mail box_Red

(Rusty set)
Mail box_RustyOrange
Mail box_RustyRed
Mail box_Rustywater
Mail box_RustyYellow
Mail box_White
Mail box_Iron

It is Mail box.
Someone sends the note card and when mail box is dropped, mail box sends IM to the owner of mail box.
The sentence, the color, and the display non-display of Floating text can be changed.

Mail box description

++Explanation of basic use of Mail box. ++
The sender : the dropping note card to Mail box.
(The permission of the note should enable Copy at this time.Otherwise, Mail box owner cannot read the note card. )
Drag & drop directly from contents of mailbox to the Inventory when you take out the note card.

++To change the floating text. ++
Sentences to want to display are filled in on "Description" of mail box.
You touch Mail box. Then, text can be changed.

++To change the color of the floating text++
The color is set in the title of the script enclosed with "<>" that exists in contents of mail box. *Contents of the script are not used.
Then, the color of the floating text can be changed.
(It is the third script. )
(An initial title is <0.85,0.90,0.80>
Please put the number of 1.00~0.00. Please refer to the color sample below.

++ To change the display and non-display of the floating text ++.
It sets it in the title of the script that exists in contents of mail box. The title is a number of one digit of "1" or "0". *Contents of the script are not used.
(It is the second script. )
When text is displayed, the title of the script is set, "1".
Or, when text is non-displayed, the title of the script is set, "0".


Rubber boots

Rubber boots(sky,mono,white,cherry,yellow)
Permission=Mod Copy OK
DDD_rubber boots_alpha(alpha layer)
DDD_rubber boots_base(shoos layer)
DDD_rubber boots_L up(L Lower leg)
DDD_rubber boots_L un(Left Foot)
DDD_rubber boots_R up(R Lower leg)
DDD_rubber boots_R un(Right Foot)

Rubber boots use low shiny.